The idea behind a shared gathering

Living. Learning. Creating. Sharing. These four words were the inspiration and became the vision for what we are calling A Shared Gathering. This idea represents the spirit of womanhood and sisterhood. That women, young and old would be able to find and explore beautiful expressions of their giftedness through hands on classes and training revolving around the idea of home. This will be a place of welcome, an environment where women are affirmed and valued. We hope to offer some practical ways to champion women in their giftedness, so that they can make a difference in their homes and by extension their community.  A Shared Gathering is in essence an opportunity to invest and be invested in, to be surrounded by generations of great women who want to see greatness and potential drawn out of the lives of others. This is not because we are great, but because of the Great One who lives inside of us.  By pouring our lives into women we hope to encourage, edify, to bring beauty, strength, wholeness, and fruitfulness. Using our talents for the glory of God, and sharing our story. 

Shannon & Teri

Meet co-creator of a A Shared Gathering, Teri Whitney. Teri is a maven of all things creative (excluding all yarn craft)! Teri is an interior designer with over 25 years experience in making homes a place of comfort, family and celebration. She has a way of making everyday life beautiful. Teri is a lover of Jesus, wife of Lance and mother of three grown sons who constantly hide her tiara. Teri and Shannon met back in the big hair days and their friendship grew as they learned to navigate the new territory of being wives and mothers. They are often the Lucy to each other's Ethel which have given many rich memories helpless with laughter! Their friendship continued to blossom as they brought together their giftedness which encompassed areas ranging from wedding planning and coordination, floral design,  catering, interior design & staging, as well as varied retail experience.


Meet co-creator of A Shared Gathering, Shannon Davidson. Shannon, a five foot blonde with a taste for all things gourmet, a heart for Jesus and a talent to make anyone feel at home in the kitchen or around her table. She insists she is getting taller with each passing year and we don't disagree with her. Shannon feels passionate about sharing meals together and the joy that comes from time gathered at the table. She is dedicated to the idea of home where encouragement and inspiration can flourish and calm and refreshment can reside. She loves to share with women about the idea that as wives and mothers we can be powerful atmosphere changers in our homes. Teaching them how to create opportunities that make home an extension of God's grace by loving others and opening our doors. And that the act of gathering starts small, authentically.


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