Why 'a shared table'

Life around the table is life at it's best for me.  Creating opportunities for those I love to rest, connect and be fed at my table is what makes me feel alive, it gives me a great sense of joy and real satisfaction.  I believe it's the way I was made. What and how we eat, with whom and when is profound to me and is what warms my heart.

Sharing meals around the table together brings us joy and strengthens our bonds with friends and family.  What we choose to eat and how we choose to prepare it reflect our traditions and heritage, as well as our abundant creativity. And while it's not strictly about food, it doesn't happen without it.  It's the starting point, the common ground. It's about what happens when we come together, when we open our homes and really listen to one another, sharing life together as we feed one another and are fed.

I love the rhythm and energy of the table, hands passing bowls and bread being torn. The combination of food, gathering people together and serving what what I've made with my own hands, comes together in perfect unity. This is where I feel the goodness of God and His provision, this sense of belonging is what a shared table is all about.

I am not a trained chef, but a dedicated home cook. I want to eat food that is satisfying and full of flavor, and that is what I endeavor to cook.  I like to feel that my body is benefiting from what I am putting into it, but I'm not a fanatic about nutrition-health fads are strange to me and dull food is inexcusable to my mind. I do however want to enjoy what I eat and share that food with the people I love and to gather people together, because it is the gathering that is the greater significance. 

When you eat, I would hope that you think of God and the provision we are given every time we eat, and of the hands that feed us. 


"You prepare a table before me..." Psalm 23:5